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Internet Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms

Regardless of whether your firm is a relatively small, one-lawyer operation with a narrow focus, or a large diversified practice with many attorneys, partners, and associates, Internet presence is crucial to the health of your business. This starts with a well-constructed, professional looking web site. Lawyers and other professionals know that few clients will do business with a company until they've perused its website. That's why more and more law firms are turning to professional web designers to develop their webpages.

Strategic Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques target the clientele that the attorney's law firm is seeking to attract via web searches. When a potential client, in a given geographic area, searches for an attorney who specializes in a distinct field, he or she is presented with a list of choices. Most of the time, that client will select from the list of lawyers that appear on the first page of a Google, Yahoo!, or Bing search. Although the goal of most lawyers is to have their firm appear on that first page, many attorneys prefer to rely on the hard-won reputation that they've built from being in practice for many years. An optimized page is still beneficial to the latter group. In addition to marketing to clients, an attorney's website should describe the firm's practice areas and geographic region. Consequently, the page should also tell clients who seek services that are not provided, or in an area where the firm doesn't operate, that they should seek legal advice elsewhere. This prevents dead-end phone calls from taxing a firm's support staff.

Focused Legal Content for Search Engines

A practice specific website that highlights the areas of the law on which your firm concentrates establishes your credibility with potential clients. It also attracts the attention of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing when an Internet user attempts to locate a law firm in your field. Search engine crawlers tend to be drawn to professional legal websites that differentiate themselves by providing ample information about the firm.
Professional Web Designers for Law Firms

Much like a business card or letterhead, the look of your website and the content that it displays are a reflection on the professionalism of your firm. All of the websites that our team builds are designed to reflect how our clients want to represent their legal practices to the public. From the beginning, you'll be consulted on the appearance, content, and focus of your website. At Strategic Legal Web, we recognize that your website will be your clients' and colleagues' first impression of your law firm. That's why there's an emphasis on aesthetic quality and intelligent writing, as well as on search engine performance.

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