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Content Management Systems


The web designers and programmers at Strategic Legal Web build and maintain websites for attorneys and law firms that are not only visually striking, but also incredibly versatile. If you are an attorney whose firm practices in an area of the law where current events, changes in legislation, or landmark cases affect the message that you want to deliver, you need a website that can be altered at a moment's notice with very little effort. Strategic Legal Web designs websites where the pictures, videos, and written content can be modified with a few clicks of the mouse. Contact us today to learn about developing an effective internet site that can be changed as often as needed.

The Benefits of Owning a Website that You Control

Strategic Legal Web designs content management systems for our clients that allow them to take charge of the message that they want to project. Consider the following everyday occurrences:

  • An attorney is hired or resigns from the law firm
  • One of the lawyers at the firm becomes a partner
  • A merger or some other event compels a change in the law firm's name
  • A relevant news story occurs and your attorneys wish to market your firm's legal services by blogging about it
  • You create or locate a video that would be beneficial to have on your website
  • You want to change or add photographs to your site's layout

With a user-friendly content management system, any lawyer that you authorize can make modifications to the website without having to contact an outside party. If you require assistance, a representative from Strategic Legal Web's support team can assist you and get your page back to the way you want it.

Websites That Attorneys Can Control From Anywhere

With a content management system, you can:

  • Update lawyer profiles
  • Post relevant news articles
  • Blog about changes in the law
  • Create or modify company bios
  • Remove old content

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing prioritize websites that remain active. Consequently, changing the information on your web site increases search engine optimization. In other words, the fresher your information is, the better your website will perform.

Professional Webdesigners Creating User-Friendly Content Management Systems

With Strategic Legal Web, your law firm has control over the information that you put out to the public. Contact one of our attorney liaisons at 800.508.4489.

We work hard for the success of every one of our lawyers and law firms. Our clients' success means our success. Every attorney or law firm that signs up a client through the hard work and dedication of Strategic Legal Web brings us closer to OUR next law firm. Strategic Legal Web's success is dependent on how you feel about our performance and how well we create a custom legal website that achieves the goals and results that you require for your law firm.

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