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Content Writing

The Importance of Good Content Writing

While search engine bots are crawling over your law firm's website looking for keywords, your clients, colleagues, and potential accounts are reading the text. It's not enough to have a website with content that helps with search engine rankings; the words on your page must convey your firm's competence and professionalism. With this in mind, Strategic Legal Web employs some of the top content writers in the legal website design industry.

At Strategic Legal Web, our staff content writers will interview you or your designee to determine what you'd like your page to say, the demographic you're attempting to target, and the style that you'd prefer. Based on the information that you provide, they will then draft the pages that will go on your site. These pages will contain keywords and language that are designed to optimize search engine performance. As the client, you're encouraged to read these pages to make certain that they meet your specifications and are compliant with the legal requirements of your state. Before anything is viewable by the public, you and your staff can review the content that has been prepared for your firm.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! stress the importance of good, informative content to improve a website's performance. Strategic Legal Web's writers will prepare original web copy for you and your law firm that enhances search engine performance. We are also able to research and generate articles that are related to your area of practice in your state. These articles can be an invaluable source of traffic for your website.

At Strategic Legal Web, our writers have experience and training in tailoring content to the style of your website and firm. For instance, if your law firm deals mainly with corporate or foreign clients, it wouldn't be appropriate to use regional colloquialisms or idioms. Conversely, legal jargon and technical terms might not be suitable for a family law website or a page about misdemeanor crimes. Regardless of your preferred approach, our staff writers will produce keyword-rich and informative pages that are readable to clients and attractive to Internet search engine bots.

Whether you desire completely new, original content or just an improvement of your existing text, a member of Strategic Legal Web's professional writing staff can assist you. Allow one of our law firm advertising content writers to turn your ideas and concepts into written words.

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We work hard for the success of every one of our lawyers and law firms. Our clients' success means our success. Every attorney or law firm that signs up a client through the hard work and dedication of Strategic Legal Web brings us closer to OUR next law firm. Strategic Legal Web's success is dependent on how you feel about our performance and how well we create a custom legal website that achieves the goals and results that you require for your law firm.

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