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The legal marketing analysts at Strategic Legal Web are constantly exploring innovative approaches to reach former, existing, and potential clients. We have found that one of the most effective ways for attorneys and law offices to keep clients, associates, and staff members in the loop is by maintaining an email list and sending out an e-newsletter periodically. Email is by far one of the least expensive ways to reach a targeted group of individuals, and the advantage of an electronic newsletter is that it can be prepared and delivered by members of your own staff.

A New Spin on an Old Idea: E-Newsletters

While the concept has been around in many industries for years, newsletters—particularly e-newsletters—have only recently gained broad acceptance among lawyers and legal practices. In this time, e-newsletters have proven to be an effective way to market law firms to clients. An e-newsletter can be used to:

  • Inform your audience about important legal accomplishments for your firm
  • Publicly congratulate your attorneys on awards they may have received
  • Make major business announcements, such as the addition of a new partner, a merger, an expansion into a new field of law, et cetera
  • Remind former clients that they can rely on you for their future legal needs
  • Welcome a new client by sending them current information about your law practice
  • Repost blogs or articles from your webpage

One of the Most Versatile Marketing Tools That Your Law Firm Will Ever Use

An e-newsletter can be formatted in a template that matches the style of your webpage or it can be a simple letter. You can post an e-newsletter about your law firm weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just when news about your firm arises. You can decide what you want your e-newsletter to be for your firm, and the marketing team at Strategic Legal Web will assist you in making it pay off.

Marketing Your Law Firm on All Fronts

If you are the member of a law firm or attorney's practice in a competitive market, it is absolutely vital that the message that you put out is fresh and relevant. Using a multi-tiered approach of e-newsletters, blogs, and easy to manage websites, Strategic Legal Web helps your law firm keep its message current. If you would like to hear about these and other exciting approaches for your legal practice, contact your Strategic Legal Web marketing specialist at 800.508.4489.

We work hard for the success of every one of our lawyers and law firms. Our clients' success means our success. Every attorney or law firm that signs up a client through the hard work and dedication of Strategic Legal Web brings us closer to OUR next law firm. Strategic Legal Web's success is dependent on how you feel about our performance and how well we create a custom legal website that achieves the goals and results that you require for your law firm.

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