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Geography and Area of Practice

Law firms are unique to many other businesses in that they generally limit their practice to the state in which they're headquartered. Oftentimes, when an attorney operates in a larger state, their law offices will restrict their client bases to the areas around their city or to a few counties. In addition to geographic considerations, it only makes sense for lawyers to market to clients who are in need of the specific legal service that they provide.

At Strategic Legal Web, we design websites for law firms that appear in Internet searches, which focus on a specific area of the law and geographic region. We recognize that it does you little good to receive page clicks from users who don't reside in your state or are looking for legal representation in a field that you don't practice. When Strategic Legal Web designs a site for you, our team uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that emphasize the geographic area in which you operate and the fields in which your firm specializes.

When a potential client in your area enters keywords detailing a specific field of law, such as "divorce lawyers" or "personal attorneys," they're going to get pages of results. When websites are properly designed, the attorneys who practice those areas of the law in the user's county or region will appear at the top of the search. Studies have shown that users who don't see what they're looking for on the first page usually just enter new keywords. Our goal—one that we've had tremendous success in achieving—is to make sure that our attorney clients appear on the first page anytime that someone in their geographic area is looking for a lawyer in their field. That's how we measure our success: by improving yours.

Invalid searches that generate clients who are outside of your geographic area or are interested in a type of representation that you don't provide benefit no one. At Strategic Legal Web, we know that Internet marketing is a powerful tool that will produce the local clients who you want. The Yellow Pages are printed by county or region. While those paper tomes may be all but obsolete, the original concept isn't: target the local clientele who are in need of specific services.

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We work hard for the success of every one of our lawyers and law firms. Our clients' success means our success. Every attorney or law firm that signs up a client through the hard work and dedication of Strategic Legal Web brings us closer to OUR next law firm. Strategic Legal Web's success is dependent on how you feel about our performance and how well we create a custom legal website that achieves the goals and results that you require for your law firm.

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