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Strategic Legal Web is a creative advertising and marketing company that designs custom websites for attorneys and law firms. At Strategic, our goal is not only to generate innovative and sharp looking websites that perform well with the major search engines, but also to keep potential clients on your firm's page once they've clicked it. Most traditional web design outfits focus on making sites that look professional and aesthetically pleasing, but pay little attention to search engine optimization. The result is that the client is initially pleased with the finished product, but later realizes that few potential consumers are actually viewing his or her page.

At Strategic Legal Web, we recognize that for our clients, the Internet is about advertising. Our company has developed a unique strategy that has been proven to enhance the performance for our law firm clients in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

When you become a Strategic Legal Web client, you will have a first-rate team of web designers, content writers, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts at your disposal. The process begins when you describe to our web designers how you envision your page. You will also be interviewed by a content writer, who will then draft the words that your clients will read on your page. Our SEO team will fortify your site with keywords and phrases that are often used by clients when searching for an attorney in your field.

Unlike other traditional web design companies, once your site has been launched, Strategic Legal Web's team continues to monitor performance to determine that it delivers the results that you expect. If potential customers aren't viewing your page, then adjustments need to be made until they do.

In the age of the Internet, very few clients are willing to commit to a lawyer or law firm without first reviewing their website. Regardless of how solid of a reputation your law firm has established, a professional, well-constructed webpage is a crucial cornerstone to the outward appearance of your brand. Start enjoying the benefits of a smart looking web page that also performs well in Google and Yahoo! searches and delivers legal clients from your geographic region to your office.

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We work hard for the success of every one of our lawyers and law firms. Our clients' success means our success. Every attorney or law firm that signs up a client through the hard work and dedication of Strategic Legal Web brings us closer to OUR next law firm. Strategic Legal Web's success is dependent on how you feel about our performance and how well we create a custom legal website that achieves the goals and results that you require for your law firm.

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