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Logo Design

The Importance of a Business Standard
Custom Web Design and Internet Marketing for Attorneys

While Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new concept in the world of business, logo development has been around since its inception. If properly conceived, a logo design becomes an instantly recognizable symbol of your firm. The goal is to make that logo design distinctly synonymous with the name of your firm.

While some attorneys prefer an emblem that represents the legal field itself—such as the Scales of Justice or a law book—others prefer the simplicity of a character or letter to represent their brand. Strategic Legal Web’s design team can draft an aesthetically pleasing logo that can not only be used on your site, but also on business cards, brochures, letterhead, billboards, or anywhere else you desire to display your law firm’s mark.

There are three basic types of logos:

  • Iconic/Symbolic: These are images that are emblematic of the company. Words and letters are generally not incorporated into this type of logo.
  • Logotype/Word-Mark: This is generally a word, a letter, or series of letters that incorporate your firm’s name with a unique font or arrangement of characters.
  • Combination Marks: These are graphic logos that combine an image or symbol with a word-mark that clearly identifies the law firm or company.

In addition to looking great on a webpage, a winning logo should be versatile enough to appear nearly anywhere. Your law firm’s brand may be displayed on the doors of your office, the marquees outside of your building, on the pennant for the golf hole that you sponsored, or even on gift items that you give your legal clients and employees. That’s why designing a logo for your law firm that you feel comfortable with is so crucial.

Tradition is important to many law firms and attorneys—as well as to clients. A rich history shows potential clients that your law office has earned its reputation by being around for a long time. Strategic Legal Web’s design team is also able to modernize or revamp an outdated logo that may have significance to the history of your firm but is in need of some fine-tuning.

A logo design is one of the most important steps in how you and your law firm will be identified amongst your peers and clients. Contact a Strategic Legal Web representative at 1-800-508-4489 to begin work on a professional standard for you law office.

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